Adding your location coordinates

If you know your longitude and latitude coordinates you can enter these directly by clicking on the location coordinate button (indicated by the red arrow on the picture below) .

Enter your exact longtitude and latitude coordinates in the on-screen box.

LocationMap enter coordinates

Enter latitude and longitude in decimal places and in plus or minus values. 
  • Plus (+) latiudes equate to nothern hemisphere locations.
  • Minus (-) latitudes to southern hemisphere. 
  • Plus longitudes relate to locations east of the prime meridian.
  • minus longitudes to westward locations.

Example, if you are in the centre of London, England (at the London Eye), you would enter the following coordinates and click OK.

LocationMap will drop a pin onto the map at your entered coordinates.  It will automatically centre the map on this location and you can easily zoom in to this point.

Your name will be added to the list of names in LocationMap so that others can click on it to see where you are located. 

LocationMap picks up your name automatically from the Connect meeting's attendee pod