Location Map icon
Thank you for choosing LocationMap for Adobe Connect.

LocationMap is a fun custom pod that runs in Adobe Connect virtual rooms.

The main purpose of LocationMap is to allow attendee's in Adobe Connect virtual rooms to show, and share, their geographical location on a shared on-screen map.

Please click on a topic in the navigation panel on the left for further information.

The quickest and easiest way to add your self to the map

1 - scroll to your location on the map, and then zoom in to your location 

  • TO SCROLL - click / hold the mouse button to scroll the map left, right, up and down
  • TO ZOOM - use the mouse wheel to zoom in, or double click, or use the on screen zoom control (top right hand corner)

2 - drag the purple pin from the toolbar to your location, using the bottom (or sharp end) of the pin to point to your location.

3 - zoom in further to refine your location, you can then drag your pin around the map using your mouse