Switching Map and Satellite Views

LocationMap has two different types of images, or "views"
  1. street map 
  2. satellite map

When LocationMap first opens, it shows the street map "view". 

Switching between map and satellite view is as easy, simply click on the appropriate button for the "view" you want!

The Map and Satellite buttons are found in the bottom right corner of LcationMap.

In satellite view a wide range of topographical features can be explored, and the map allows you to zoom in, and increases the detail level using a bank of on-line geo-coded satellite images.

For example if David wants to see more detail on Jane's location first he will click on Jane's name in the attendee list (Locate other users on the map for help on this)

The map now centres on Jane's location.

Now, clicking the satellite button switches his map view  to satellite view as per the image below.

David can zoom right in on Jane's location and see exactly where she is located in photographic detail.

If David wants to switch to map view again he can do so by clicking the Map button.